Delivering Events With A Unique Sweet Twist

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Our Story 


I have a guilty pleasure for all things sweet but I am obsessed with candy.. I was always in the kitchen coming up with unique recipes. After many years of gifting my delicious creations to friends and family, I began getting requests from strangers. I had discovered a LOVE for decor, entertainment and fashion. So, I decided to take a risk. My vision is to make professional catering affordable to the masses.

The Candy Dish Decor is located in Houston, Texas, since 2015, we have been creating amazing candy displays that are gluten free, lactose-free, and no high fructose corn syrup. Whatever your occasion, from corporate events, weddings, special occasions, and everything in between we completely customize your confectionery made entirely to meet your special occasion needs. 

Getting to the Sweet of it all

As a single mother of two boys, I was always looking for ways to cut cost. I always wanted to give my children the perfect birthday parties but I just couldn’t afford it. For dinner time I would ask the kids what they want to eat, they would say Candy Please!!! I thought these kids might be on to something. I went back to school to complete my MBA in Business, and then I started a candy & dessert catering business to make ends meet.

My catering company was growing fast. I kept getting feedback from my clients that they need an alternative to a professionally decorated Candy & Dessert Buffet table that's affordable for people on a limited budget. I thought hmmm…the cost and hassle of planning a party can be expensive and time-consuming. 

Your special day doesn’t have to be an expensive day. I realized that money doesn’t equal love. Spending a large amount of money on a child’s party has nothing to do with making it more enjoyable or memorable. So why not design a product where people can have a stress-free, affordable party, and deliver it to their homes? At that moment my idea was born. I created and designed a complete Candy-To-Go-Bar. Our Candy-To-Go-Bar is a Do-It-Yourself Candy Catering Kit. It is uniquely designed for smaller scale candy parties. Each kit is theme based with matching candy, supplies, and candy containers that will jumpstart your next event. 

What makes us unique

We are more than just a candy store but a lifestyle. We only sell products that come from quality ingredients that are good for you and taste great. We take out all the guess work for you. No more shopping around for deals. Our candy is pre-measured to fill your candy jars. 

We offer value and convenience at a very competitive price. Our DIY Candy Catering Kit is a one-stop-shop catering product that requires Easy-to-follow setup, Delivered-to-your-doorstep, and Ready-to-use! That's why our Candy Kits are our best-selling items. What are you waiting for? Order Your Candy Buffet Kit Today!